Exactly How To Tap Into The Biggest Traffic Source On The Internet AND Force It To Pay You!

In This free training session, Zane Miller and John S. Rhodes are going to show you how to explode your income by tapping into the Internets biggest traffic source!
The future of marketing is already here and if you’re not in front of it, you’re going to get left behind! Did you know YouTube gets more than 1/2 of the traffic on the ENTIRE Internet?

On this session, you are going to learn how to dominate it! Here’s just some of what you will learn:

  • How to turn passive YouTube zombies into ultra loyal lifetime customers (Hot List Building!)
  • How to use the same DUMB TRICKS that professionals use when uploading new videos
  • How to radically improve your video marketing SEO by using special video “DNA Code”
  • How to cheaply and quickly promote your videos (“What Google Has NEVER Told You!”)
  • How to outsource all of your video production… for less than the cost of 2 gallons of gas
  • How to use YouTube to quickly “clean up” in the affiliate game (CRUSH the competition!)
  • How to sneak into the mind of customers and then use ___ to know their DEEP DESIRES!


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Ex Google Employee Show How To Go From $0 to $40K Monthly

You’re in for a treat!
In this video, you’ll meet an Ex Google Employee willing to spill some awesome traffic secrets live! ¬†Look, you can make a ton of money online with just two things….TRAFFIC and conversions!
Want more money? Then increase one of the two. YOU are going to be shown exactly how an ex Google employee does it live!

She will be revealing some of her best kept traffic secrets on:

  • AdWords
  • Facebook
  • Media Buys
  • Tier Two Traffic
  • Secret Traffic Sources

Literally no other marketer has access to the type of information that Brittany Lynch does, especially since she used to work for Google!


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How To Get Thousands Of Visitors To Your Site Without Content or Paid Traffic – This Is Ninja

The ability to drive traffic to your websites is what is going to make you money! No matter how great your site is, without traffic you’re not going to make a dime. Traffic IS the lifeblood of online success and it’s the ONE thing people always want more of.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could never put up another piece of content or pay for a hit of traffic ever again? That’s music to a lot of people’s ears who are constantly paying or creating content to get traffic. That’s exactly what you’re going to learn on this training session!
Brad Gosse is a master at getting traffic and he’s going to show you exactly what you need to do to tap into a completely underground traffic source that almost no one is using. Brad often speaks at some of the biggest seminars on the circut so you will definitely want to be here for this.


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Video Sales Firestorm – Step by Step from Newbie to $74k in Four Months

In this video training session, you will learn the secret to how Russ Ruffino – a total newbie – was able to bring in $76,882.93 in just FOUR months using simple 10-minute videos that ANYONE can create!

Want proof? Russ will take you inside a LIVE sales funnel that’s converting a $97 product at 4-5% RIGHT NOW…and show you how to use these SAME principles in ANY online business to make huge conversions and CRUSH your competition.
Russ will teach you the most POWERFUL conversion tactics on the planet to make your visitors HANG on your every word. You’ll learn how to make your site visitors CRAVE your e-mails, see you as a TRUE friend, and regard you a TRUSTED EXPERT in your niche…all without EVER writing a single article, blog post, or sales letter.
Video is the FASTEST-GROWING segment of the Internet…if you don’t know how to use video to your advantage, you risk being left in the dust! If you want to stay on the CUTTING EDGE, you need this information!


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How To Add 100′s Of People To Your List Daily And Explode Your Income By 50K Or More

Changing ONE thing you do in your business can explode your list by hundreds daily and add 50K or more to your pocket by the end of the year! E. Brian rose is going to show you exactly what that one thing is in this video!

So many people get stuck in the daily grind of article writing, SEO, paid traffic, social media and what ever else seems to be the flavor of the week. This one method that will be shown can and DOES out convert every single one of them. Not only are you going to be shown what it is, you’re going to be shown how you can start doing it yourself the moment the training session is over.
Don’t put this off. E.Brian Rose is a highly respected marketer and has partnerships with many big names in this business.


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Why 95% Of All Marketers Fail To Make A Dime Online And How YOU Won’t Be One Of Them!

There are thousands of people everyday coming online who want to make money. Sadly, 95% of those people will FAIL!
In this free training session, Bryan Zimmerman is going to show you exactly how to NOT become one of those people. Just for attending, he is going to give you a piece of software for FREE that sells on clickbank right now for $47.00 because he believes what you will be shown is that important!


Bryan has a very unique story in that when he first got started in August 2008, he did not even know how to use an email address. That’s as “green” as it gets when it comes to internet marketing. However, he was able to walk away from his 14 hour a day construction job and going full time online within a year!
He is going to show you exactly what he did in this training session. How to go from getting absolutely nowhere to EXPLODING your business by following some very simple steps.
Just some of what you will learn during this session is:
1. Why the way people set goals is dead wrong and will actually HURT you and your business
2. A simple method to double your productivity immediate!ly
3. Why 99% of marketers are drawn to one type of marketing and why you should avoid it right away!
4. How one simple piece of paper will turn you into a production machine instantly!
5. Why doing 1 thing will change your business forever!
6. A piece of software that EVERYONE on the session will get for FREE! (Sells on Clickbank for $47.00)
7. Why the guru’s are laughing at you and how you can get in on the joke
and much more…

No matter what your skill level, this is one training session you are not going to want to miss. Bryan has already said that what he is going to teach, if followed, it will change lives. Bold statement, but he’s prepared to back it up!
Don’t miss out, you are going to want to see this.


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Amazon Kindle Cash Method – Amazon’s Kindle – Complete Step-By-Step Instructions

Amazon Kindle Cash Method allows you to tap into a virtually untapped stream of income fast!
In this free training session Daniel Hall will show you EVERYTHING you need to get international distribution for your content as an ebook on Amazon’s Kindle.

Why is this so important?
Jeff Bezos recently announced that for every 100 softcover books Amazon is selling it sells 115 Kindle ebooks. That’s INSANE!
You need to be riding this trend… and in this no-holds barred complimentary webinar you’ll discover exactly how to:

  • Get an Amazon Digital Text Platform account so you can start publishing immediately
  • Use material already on your hard drive to create your first Kindle ebook
  • Quickly make attractive Kindle ebook covers
  • Actual steps in publishing your first ebook
  • Pricing strategies so you squeeze the most profit out of each title

Plus much, much more…
My promise: You’ll be able to publish your first Amazon Kindle ebook by the end of this video.
What are you waiting for?


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Social Media Domination – How To Harvest Cash From Twitter – Unconventional Methods Revealed!!

Learn how drive tons of traffic and bank serious cash from social media!
Brad Gosse has used social media to gain an audience of engaged followers who hire him, buy his products and promote him for free. He recently had Audi GIVE him a 100K car for the week just so he would talk about it in his social media networks.
During this free training session, Brad will discuss the most important topics surrounding twitter including:

  • How to position yourself as an expert DAY 1
  • What to automate and what to NEVER automate
  • How to earn an average of $1 per follower per month
  • How to get speaking gigs from your twitter profile
  • How to avoid the twitter SLAP

And much more.



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Amazon Cash Machines – Simple And Easy Way To Tap Into Amazon Riches Fast!

Ok, here’s a special video workshop with my friend and Amazon Publishing expert Jay Boyer. If you don’t know Jay’s name, you might have been living under a rock lately. This guy KNOWS his stuff!

He will be showing you 8 different ways that you can…and SHOULD…be monetizing Amazon self-publishing to promote your book, yourself, and your business, such as:

  • How to find killer book niches with hungry buyers
  • How to “SEO” your book…and quickly drive it to Page 1 of Google.
  • How to score easy 4K paydays by selling book publishing as a service to others.
  • The secret to putting your book “on steroids” with a dedicated website.
  • How to drive your book to the top of the Amazon Bestsellers List.
  • This workshop will fill up very quickly, so register now!


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Get Your First Offline Client Free WITHOUT Even Leaving The Comfort Of Your Home

Offline Marketing Is The Hottest Thing In The Market Right Now!
Offline marketing is by far one of the most lucrative types of marketing a person can do right now. The power of the internet is just NOW starting to be realized by local businesses
The best part? The fact that anyone with any online knowledge most likely knows more than your local business owner
So why isn’t everyone doing it? Simple, because it’s GETTING the clients that takes the knowledge!

In this video, Tim Castleman will show you exactly how to get your first client WITHOUT even leaving the comfort of your home OR spend a dime to do it!
One you see how simple this is, all you have to do is repeat it over and over to fill your client base to the max. You’ll be able to start immediately after this training session ends and be on your way to getting a ton of clients!
Don’t miss it, this one’s going to fill up fast!


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